Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Say hello to Larry Charles aka Blackmassive

Well today at work I was given a Wacom tablet. I lost to the pen to my old one and I never got around to ordering another one. Concept art and drawing has been something that I have always had both a fascination and appreciation for. I want to continue to develop my abilities, though I am not ever going to be a concept artist, I do want to become a better artist. Drawing characters is one of my favorite hobbies to this day.

So to kick things off I wanted to make this blog for my artwork, and create a new artist identity. You may be wondering "Why Blackmassive?" The answer in short is... Blackmassive is a metaphor for "I am not as good as the guys at Massive Black yet but I do want to be like them AND because I am 6'5 and 251lbs and African American. I thought it was a great fit all around

So my first work in 2010 is this painting of my new avatar icon.

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